65 Years Professed & 60 Years Ordained

Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Professed: July 14, 1952
Ordained: June 8, 1957

Senan spent 33 years in service to our missions in Papua New Guinea, all of them in the parishes and bush stations of the Southern Highlands Province.  Upon his return from PNG he dusted off his studies in Marriage Counseling from CUA and took up four years working with Engaged Encounter before returning to full-time parochial ministry in Dover, OH; Cleveland (St. Paul Shrine); and sixteen years at St. John the Evangelist in Philadelphia.  In all of these assignments Senan was very active working with the Secular Franciscan communities in the area.  His generosity of heart did not go unrewarded, as he tells us “In every assignment, [I] discovered loyal and cherished friendships among the faithful.”  His love of God and his brothers and sisters has always been most evident in his joyful celebration of the Eucharist with song (often boldly going places no one has gone before!), and his perpetual smile in the Eucharistic presence of our Lord.  We pray that Christ may keep our brother’s heart joyful in the months and years to come.