Senior Friars

They are living testaments to the Gospel truths, the Rule of St. Francis, and our Capuchin counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. Lauded for their lives of humble service and revered for their wisdom, we celebrate their faithfulness as members of our fraternities with a spirit of gratitude and active engagement. We honor their years of service as pastors, chaplains, missionaries, teachers and preachers.

Furthermore, we remember in prayer, all those who walked alongside our senior friars during their decades of service to the Church, their communities and the Order. It is our hope to demonstrate respect for their dignity and personhood by appropriately meeting the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of our senior friars.

The Sick and Elderly Care Fund was established to receive donations and grants earmarked for the care of the province’s senior friars. The Fund is the perfect repository for expressions of gratitude and financial gifts from those whose lives were touched by our Capuchin senior friars during their years of active ministry.

A Servant’s Story

Fr. Leon Leitem, OFM  Cap.

Fr. Leon Leitem, OFM Cap.

As a young missionary in Puerto Rico, Fr. Leon Leitem operated a “mobile chapel” to bring the Mass to the impoverished faithful of the barrios. Almost 60 years later, Fr. Leon still offers Mass every Sunday for Spanish-speaking communities, now in western...

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Milestones of Faithfulness

Three Friars Celebrate 65 Years of Capuchin Life

Fr. Mario Mastrangelo, OFM Cap. Since 1960, Fr. Mario has lived and worked in Puerto Rico. From serving as an assistant priest in country chapels to being a professor in the nursing department of the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico, Fr. Mario knows and loves...

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