Ministry & Mission

Living the Gospel life in truth, simplicity and joy today


Capuchin friars serve in parishes, soup kitchens, classrooms, prisons, and hospitals. They work in city neighborhoods, suburbs and rural communities. Capuchins serve among the poor, wealthy and in between. Simply stated, they serve people from all walks of life without regard to race, class, or creed.

From the earliest days of the Capuchin Order, preaching has a special place in the hearts and spirit of the friars. Whether a homily at Mass, a conference for retreats and parish missions, or a social media post, a Capuchin friar always remembers the words of St. Francis, “Preach at all times, and when necessary use words.”

Capuchins have a reputation for their closeness to the “common man.” They are not afraid to share the struggles of daily life, with its burdens and sorrows, but they are rooted in the joy and hope that God alone can supply. No task is beneath them. All people deserve their love and care.


There is a missionary spirit among Capuchins. Pope Pius XI offered this observation about the band of brothers:

“Where in the world have the Capuchins not penetrated? Where have they not shown up? When times were at their worst and help was sorely needed, in places that were abandoned and where no one else would go, there you will find the Capuchins.”

For some, life as a Capuchin friar means responding to a missionary call beyond the boundaries of his country of origin. A friar’s acceptance of a mission cross is an outward sign that a Capuchin has proclaimed “Yes” to God’s invitation to serve outside his native country.

From the earliest days of the Order, Capuchins have had a rich tradition of sending missionaries where there is a need, in particular, the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and the barrios of Puerto Rico. Simultaneously, they have supported them with prayer and material resources.

Today, Capuchin friars serve in over 100 countries around the globe, ministering to those most in need, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A friar is always on a mission in his ministry as a teacher, pastor, confessor, porter, preacher, tailor, chaplain or cook.

A new evangelization initiative outside Philadelphia blends the corporal and spiritual works of mercy with the pulse of its people. Here’s the story of the Frankford neighborhood beacon where Capuchin friars serve: