New Generation

The invitation to become a Capuchin friar comes from God, and with that invitation, the responsibility to discern with a genuine heart and attentive spirit. The Capuchins are a growing Order among religious communities. We celebrate our growth with praise and thanksgiving to God!

The journey to becoming a Capuchin is marked by landmarks and touchstones. Initial formation has three key steps: postulancy, novitiate, and post-novitiate. In this period of 5-7 years, young men learn the essence of Capuchin life, following in the footsteps of our founding father St. Francis of Assisi.

The Capuchins are honored and humbled to receive the financial support of friends and benefactors who want to share in the journey of educating and training young men for the Capuchin way of life. While the financial burden of a growing religious order is daunting, the Capuchins turn to the providential goodness of friends and family committed to seeing God’s invitation come to fruition. Gifts for the education and training of student friars can be made here.

The Formation Journey


The initial step of a young man launching into religious life is called Postulancy.  It is typically a year where he separates himself from his former world in the secular realm, and begins a period of self-evaluation while living in the midst of Capuchin life.

Postulants participate in daily Mass, meditation, morning, evening and night prayer. They also attend classes about Catholic doctrine and Franciscan studies. Class time is augmented by volunteer time in some form of ministry to the poor. They share meals with the friars and come to learn more about Capuchin life. The purpose of Postulancy is to define a candidate’s conviction about God’s invitation to Capuchin religious life.


Time in the Novitiate can be likened to a year-long retreat dedicated to prayer and internal discernment.

Daily activities still include a regimen of prayer throughout the day including Mass, periods of recollection, and silent meditation. Academic life is dedicated to studying The Rule of St. Francis and the history of the Capuchin Order. A novice meets regularly with his spiritual and formation directors for guidance on the transformation of his personhood. Apostolic ministry is curbed significantly since this is a year of interior conversion. The purpose of the Novitiate is to discern God’s invitation to the professed vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a Capuchin.


The Post-Novitiate follows a friar’s temporary profession of vows for three years. This final period of initial formation is to prepare for final profession. It allows young friars to exercise their freedom and responsibility to appropriately blend the demands of their fraternal, academic and ministerial life. This period of integration of prayer, fraternity and apostolic work sets the stage for another period of discernment, that of ministerial assignment. Discerning God’s call to serve in the Order as a priest or a lay brother will define the academic path of the next several years. Petitioning the Provincial Minister for permission to make final vows marks the completion of initial formation.

Student Videos

In preparation for life as Capuchin priests and brothers, young friars practice their preaching skills before a small audience of fellow Capuchins and members of the public in one of the friary chapels.

“He’s Got You!”

Bro. Andrew McCarty considers the Lord’s immeasurable love for us, noting “We are His beloved.” Bro. Andrew offers three opportunities for us to experience this and to be witnesses to others.

Milestones on the Journey

Five Friars Make Solemn Vows

It was the promise of a lifetime – to live the Rule of St. Francis…forever. On August 18, Brothers Tommy Piolata, Ross Henley, David Domanski, Alex Hostoffer and Andrew Corriente made their perpetual profession in the presence of their families, friends and Capuchin...

Thanks be to God, Another Ordination!

On June 2, Fr. Philip White, OFM Cap., was ordained to the priesthood. After a year serving as a deacon at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Cumberland, MD, Fr. Phil was ordained by Capuchin Bishop Bill Fey of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. He is the sixth Capuchin friar...

Bro. Tage Danielson

"I liked the prospect of following in the footsteps of St. Francis, who desired to love Jesus with all of his being, and to love all people as his brothers and sisters." I attended college at American University in Washington, DC. I am grateful that the priests and...